Kickball Rules


Team Captains must:

   a. Know the policies of SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT outlined here as well as the rules of their specific sport. 

   b. Ensure that their teammates are aware of these policies and rules.

   c. Make sure that all of their players are registered and paid (if applicable) on their team rosters on SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT website:

Schedules, Holidays, Makeups, & Cancelations

In general, games occur when venues are open for use. This means that games can occur on statutory and religious holidays. Games that fall on religious holidays that occur on dates other than recognized statutory holidays by the federal government will not be re-scheduled by South Florida Club Sport. Individuals and teams affected by this policy are absolutely free to choose not to play their games; however, South Florida Club Sport will not be responsible for rescheduling of games or any financial damages for teams or individuals wishing to observe their religious holidays. 

The following holidays will be automatic days off for all leagues: New Year’s Eve/Day, Memorial Day Weekend, July 3rd & 4th, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve/Day.

Unless parks/venues are closed, games will be scheduled for the following holidays unless a majority of teams request a bye prior to the start of the league: MLK Weekend, Valentine's Day, Easter Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day & Presidents Day Weekend.  Start/end dates and game times are subject to change based on field availability, rainouts, and unforeseen circumstances, which may arise. Schedules are posted after registration is closed and all payments have been received. Schedule requests must come from team captains, and must be submitted in writing at least three [3] business days prior to the start of Week 1 games. SFCS reserves the right to schedule any team for any of the advertised dates and game times posted on the league homepage. Bye requests will likely result in teams playing doubleheaders before or after their week off.

Cancellations, change of venues and or change of times or days may occur on short notice. Rescheduled games due to cancellations or venue disruptions may be played on a different night of the week, at a different (but comparable) venue or at a different time than originally posted.

Games where teams play the incorrect opponent will not be rescheduled. The score will be reported as a tie.

Payments & Refunds 

   Registration is complete only when the full payment has been received.

   Full refunds will be granted up to the registration deadline date for leagues.

   There are NO refunds (a) after the official registration deadline date or (b) once a program has filled to capacity.

   No refunds due to defaulted, cancelled or rescheduled games. No refunds due to injuries.

   A fee of $20.00 US will be charged for NSF checks.

   Teams or individuals suspended or ejected from SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT leagues due to any breaches of SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT Policy will not receive refunds.

   Please note that if registration for any league exceeds the available space, ALL teams with complete registrations by NOON on the FIRST day of registration will be placed in a lottery for one of the available spots. This will help to avoid the "ticket-master effect" of leagues filling to capacity within minutes. If leagues DO NOT fill to capacity within the first few hours of registration, they will be filled on a first-paid, first-served basis, as usual.

   Individual Registration: Individual registrants are welcomed and encouraged to register, and all attempts will be made to place you on a team. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and have fun with other people in the community. However, placement on a team is subject to available space and there are a number of factors that can impede our ability to get you playing.

   No refunds after Special Event/Tournament registration deadline OR once an event has SOLD OUT, whichever comes first.

   There will be $50 processing fee for any refund requests that occur 7 days (or fewer) prior to the Special Event/Tournament's registration deadline date.

   Special Event/Tournament teams that have made a refund request will have the option of accepting their refund, less the processing fee, or a full credit for their TEAM fee.


Teams that forfeits more than 2 games may be asked to leave the league without refund. If you know you may not be able to field a full team, please call the other captain in advance; you should attend with as many people as you can and play pick is the fun and polite thing to do. 

Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding the minimum people but this MUST be decided before the game starts. Simple communication between team captains can clear this up quickly and easily. If you agree that the game will count in the standings, all players should be made aware of this decision. 



Physical or Unsportsmanlike Play: Play that is rough or overtly aggressive, taunting, or un-sportsmanlike acts (name calling, threats, intimidation and discriminatory behaviors of any kind) will not be tolerated by the SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT and may result in the infracting player/team being ejected from the league without refund.

If reports of this kind of behavior are received, the following steps are taken:  i) First report - player or team receives a formal warning.  ii) Second report - player or team receives a second warning verbally and in writing.  iii) Third report - player or team is ejected from the league without refund and is not welcome back!  SFCS members that are suspended or ejected from any programs are not welcome to attend as spectators. Unsportsmanlike play can be reported by emailing: You must provide a complete description of the incident to include team/player names along with any witness names and contact information to file an official complaint about unsportsmanlike play. Only "official complaints" will be investigated by SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT.

PLEASE NOTE: teams can and will be held responsible for their players' conduct. If someone on your squad is behaving inappropriately, it is YOUR responsibility to keep him or her from doing so.

SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT reserves the right to skip these steps as outlined above at their sole discretion and immediately eject a team or player from the league without refund. These decisions are non-appealable and failure to comply with them may result in further punitive measures.

First Aid

First aid is the responsibility of the team captain. Ice packs, band aids, tensors and athletic tape are all things which can be used in the event of minor scrapes and bruises. If a SOUTH FLORIDA CLUB SPORT representative is on hand when there is an injury, we will be happy to assist in any way we can. We are not, however, responsible for providing tape for bad ankles, fingers etc. There may be a first-aid kit on-site at some venues, but please be prepared for all situations.

Eligibility & Rosters
All participants must be in good health to participate.  SFCS reserves the right to deny participation to any individual or team without explanation. Every participant must follow SFCS rules and regulations. All participants of each league/tournament/event/season must accept an online waiver of liability to participate. Failure or refusal to waive liability will result in the denial of participation for that individual and will void any refund. All SFCS leagues and social events have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old.
Every player must preregister online, accept the league waiver, prepay in full (if applicable), wear a SFCS-issued uniform, and provide a photo ID before playoff games. Registration will be open up to the last day of the regular season.  Players will not be accepted after registration has closed.  Every player is limited to one roster per league per season.

Uniform & Equipment
Every player must wear a SFCS-issued team uniform on the field.  Team captains can submit color preferences in writing.  If one or more players do not bring their uniform on a given week, they may exchange shirts on the sideline in order to participate.  Players cannot wear uniforms inside-out.  Additional uniforms may be purchased for $10 each. Teams must give SFCS staff advance notice if they wish to purchase/acquire additional uniforms.  If a team is shorthanded and picks up other league members, those other league members must wear their own team uniform.  
SFCS will supply game balls to teams.  If teams wish to use their own balls, both captains must agree, and those balls must be available to both teams. All players must wear shoes. Sandals, flip flops, and boots are prohibited. Metal cleats/spikes are prohibited. Watches, jewelry, and other items deemed dangerous are prohibited while participating. 

Eligibility protests must be made before the game begins, or immediately following the entrance of a protested player. During a game, a verbal protest must be made to an official or staff member once play ceases and before the next live ball situation.  Using vulgar/abusive language will invalidate a captain's protest. Protesting a judgment call is prohibited.  If the official or staff member finds the protest valid, they will overturn the call.  If the protested call is not overturned, the team captain must submit a written protest via email to a SFCS Director within 24 hours of the protested game.  Captains must protest a score within 24 hours of its posting.

Legal Games & Forfeits
Games will start on time regardless of player turnout.  A forfeit cannot be declared until 10 minutes from the game clock have expired. Each team must have at least 6 teammates (including one woman) on the field or in the dugout prior to the 10-minute forfeit window.  Shorthanded teams may pick up 1, 2, 3, or 4 players from other teams in order to have 10 players total. Opposing captains may waive the forfeit rule at their discretion.  Forfeits will result in 1 point being deducted from the offending team's standings.  Two forfeits by any team during a single season may result in expulsion from the league with no registration fees refunded to the team or its players. 

Game Stoppage & Rainline
Call the Rainline (800.497.1852 ext. 4) every week for weather updates and cancelation information. In cases of inclement weather, other harmful conditions, darkness, or serious injuries, 4 innings (or 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead) will constitute a complete game. 

Games which are postponed due to weather/injury before 4 full innings will resume, or be replayed entirely, on a later date.  Games which are postponed due to weather/injury after 4 full innings may revert back to the score of the previous inning (4th or after), if the postponement adversely affected one team.

Standings, Ties, & Extra Innings
Standings are based on a point system: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, and -1 point for a loss-by-forfeit. Playoff seeding is based on regular season standings. Head-to-head record is used as the 1
st tiebreaker.  Season-run-differential is used as the 2nd tiebreaker.  Regular season games that are tied at the end of 7 innings or after the final inning in a time-limited game will remain tied.  Playoff games that are tied at the end of 7 innings or after the final inning in a time-limited game will proceed into extra innings.  In extra innings, each half inning will begin with a runner (last batter from the previous inning) on 2nd base.  If a team is ahead after one extra inning, that team is declared the winner.  If the teams are still tied, the extra-inning format is repeated.

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol is prohibited.  Dangerous play and/or obnoxious behavior by a visibly intoxicated player may result in an ejection, without warning.  A forfeit can be declared if multiple members of a team are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.  Please visit our local bar sponsors to socialize with the team after the games. Ask a staff member about our bar sponsors for league discounts and drink specials.

Game Length
Games will last 7 innings or 55 minutes, whichever comes first (time and weather permitting).  All innings in progress after 55 minutes will be completed.  4 innings is a legal game.  Teams may tie in the regular season. There is a 10 run limit per team, per inning.  A mercy rule applies for a lead of 20 or more runs after 4 innings, in which case the team with the lead may continue with the game or take the win.

Player Minimums/Maximums
A minimum of 6 players (including 1 female) is needed to start and finish a game (all 6 must bat and play in the field).  If a team is missing players, that team may pick up other league members to fill the top 10 spots in the order (regular season only), but no extra batters.  A maximum of 10 players may play in the field.  A maximum of 6 men may play in the field.  A maximum of 10 women may play in the field.

Kicking Order
Both managers will review line-ups with the umpire before the game begins. Teams may kick as few as 6 and as many as 20 players. The extra kickers (#11-20) may be added at any time during the game, so long as those extra kickers do not play for another team in the league.  Kicking 4 male extra kickers (#11-20) in a row is prohibited.  Injured male kickers may leave the game with no penalty (their turn at bat will be skipped). Each team must kick at least 4 women in the top 10 spots in the order (an automatic out applies for all absent women). Kicking out of order must be appealed by the defense before a pitch to the next batter, and the defense must provide a scorebook tracking opponents' kicking order inning by inning.

Pitching & Kicking
The pitcher and all fielders must stay behind the pitching strip line until the ball is kicked.  The ball must be pitched from the pitching strip (14 paces from home plate).  The pitcher has to stay behind the pitching strip until the ball is kicked.  The pitcher must roll a pitch to the kicker using an underhand or sidearm motion.  The strike zone is the area designated 1-2 feet to either corner of home plate (paint, markers, or cones are used to form strike zone), from the ground to 1 foot in height.  The strike zone is basically the two batters boxes combined.  A pitched ball that exceeds 1 foot in height is an illegal pitch (determined by umpire). If there is no attempt to kick an illegal pitch, the pitch is a ball.  However, if a kicker chooses to kick an illegal pitch, it could result in a foul ball.  Any pitched ball that does not enter the strike zone or stops in front of home plate is a ball.  Upon the 3rd ball to a kicker, the kicker will be awarded 1st base.  Delay of game tactics by the pitcher will result in the kicker(s) being awarded first base. The kicker must kick from no further than 1 foot in front of home plate (violation results in a foul ball). Men CANNOT bunt (violation results in a foul ball); women can bunt.

Running & Fielding
The catcher cannot cross home plate and enter fair territory until after the ball is kicked.  All fielders must stay out of the baseline.  Fielders may have their foot on the base but must lean out of the baseline.  When a female is kicking, every infielder (including the pitcher) must remain behind the line extending directly from 1st base to 3rd base until the ball is kicked.  If a safety base (foul territory) is in use, the fielder must use the standard base (fair territory) to record an out.  Runners may not lead or steal.  Once the pitcher possesses the ball near the mound or the umpire calls time, play is dead, and runners may not advance.  Fielders may not hit a runner above the shoulder. If hit in the head, play is dead, the runner is safe, and all runners are awarded one base from the time the ball left the fielders hand (Exception: if runner is sliding, jumping, diving, or making a move to avoid being hit etc., the runner is out and play is live).  Runners are awarded one base on an over-throw (if ball is out of play).  Runs do not count on plays where a force-out constitutes the third out.

A runner touched by a ball any time while not on base (exception: head shot running upright).

Any kicked ball that is caught before touching the ground (fair or foul).
Any combination of THREE strikes and/or foul balls.
A fielder possesses the ball on the base to which a runner is forced to run.

A runner is off their base when the ball is kicked (play is dead). 


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